Attunement is a gentle non-touch therapy that increases the radiant energies of self-love and self-empowerment

Attunement means  at one with, in tune with, in union with.  Attunement energy is an opportunity to be in union with or to align directly with the powerful energy of Divine Love.  Aligning with this sacred Love force energy amplifies your own innate qualities of love, truth and wisdom and supports you to live out your unique energy pattern as a spiritual being in a physical body.

Attunement was founded in 1929 through the vision and understanding of Lloyd Arthur Meeker, later known as Uranda.

“The purpose of Attunement is this:  to establish alignment in the body and mind and heart with the natural life forces of being, alignment in the body with the forces of Life from the Source.”  Uranda 1951

An Attunement session can increase self-love, improve vitality, restore wellbeing, replenish depleted energy, enhance creativity, release outmoded belief systems or negative feelings, support a deeper connection with personal spirituality.


Attunement primarily balances the endocrine gland system, energetically nourishing these 7 powerful ductless glands and restoring harmony and wellbeing on all levels.

  • On a physical level, the endocrine system releases hormones into the body that help to maintain the body’s homeostasis or balance.
  • On a energetic level, these glands are portals by which the power of Divine Love moves through the body into the physical dimensions and becomes manifest on earth.
  • On all levels, both energetic and physical, the endocrine gateways provide the means to live life and love life in a meaningful and empowered way.

Endocrine Attunement encourages the body’s innate natural design for health to be re-activated and supports self-love, an empowered heart and the physical manifestation of life purpose in daily living. Attunement also offers other body balancing techniques to increase energetic flow including chakra, lymphatic, the bones, the organs and more.

Work with me

One-hour session

I offer 60-minute sessions tailored for your unique needs at my clinic in the Barossa Valley, on a quiet cul-de-sac facing onto a beautiful nature reserve within the small town of Greenock, South Australia.


One-hour session = $60

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Three-session package

If you’re suffering from serious injury, chronic pain or severe stress, my package of three weekly 60-minute sessions can kick-start the healing. Sessions are held at my clinic in Greenock, South Australia.


3 x 60-minute sessions = $150 (saving of $30)

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Attunement via distance.

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I received my first Attunement in 2002 and immediately felt something profound had changed for me.

My body responded to this non-touch energy technique almost as if it already knew it, and my mind wanted to know how.

The more I discovered about Attunement, the more I loved it. There seemed to be so many profound and powerful layers, each taking me deeper into my own personal awareness.

I quickly developed a passion for this beautiful way of sharing sacred time and in 2005 I became a qualified Attunement practitioner and teacher, and member of the International Emissary Attunement Guild.

To find out more about Attunement, visit the Emissaries of Divine Light.