Imagine if you could free yourself from stress, calm your soul and find healing and relaxation just by spending a quiet few minutes with yourself each day.

This is the heart of meditation, one of the most powerful self-care tools available to us.

As simple as meditation may seem, many of us struggle to sit with ourselves in stillness.

That’s why I created my how-to-meditate pocket guide, The Art of Meditation.

And I’m giving it to you, right now, free.

The beautifully designed pages are filled with:
+ Simple explanations on how to meditate.
+ Tips on how to incorporate meditation into your daily life.
+ Details on how to use meditation for stress release, balance and wellbeing.
+ Inspiring quotes from global thought leaders.

Plus, sign up now and receive a bonus guided meditation audio recording to use on any device at any time.

This gentle and relaxing seven-minute meditation is a welcome escape from the fast pace of life and the perfect introduction to meditation.

Get The Art of Meditation plus your bonus meditation audio recording now.

“When I was first trying to get into a daily meditation habit I was lucky to be given Cynthia’s meditation. There was just something about her voice, the pace and truth of her words, plus the length of the meditation that really suited me. I listened to her religiously so I can definitely say Cynthia helped me kick start a positive habit!”

— Kris Flint, 2 Sporks 1 Cup

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